Through strategic swap deals, licensed operators around the world can maximise their profits through two way exchanges. We specialize in connecting these operators together and creating an environment for growth through us as a third party.


We manage a complexe and mathematical LCR, fully automated with 12 support agents doing round the clock back channel testing and monitoring for absolute pitch perfect quality on every call. A blend of Tier 1 and Tier 2 only plus a host of directs we manage, assures the best price.


If you are in need of a platform that does what you want, something unique, perfectly catered to the needs of your business, app or idea, search no more. Our team of programmers and designers can build anything you want in record time, always.

The power of swap deals in telecom is misunderstood by most.
Get in contact with one of our specialists if you are a local licensed operator in your region.

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